Fix TW matchup

Why not just leave TW matchup at guild GP vs GP. Not active gp that signed up. We are facing a guild w more than 30m GP bc they sandbag and not have 9 players participate. PUNISH these guilds for not fully signing up. We dont have the depth to keep that pace. The battle was 99% decided before we even battled. Our guild is 42-4 in TW and these **** matchups ruin the experience.


  • APX_919
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    How would that be more fair? A 125M guild with 45 signing up could be paired up with a 165M guild with 35 signing up. There would be team disparity for starters. Plus guilds break up, people move on or quit so most "sandbagging" claims are spurious (it does happen so I can't say this didn't occur to your guild) and claiming it is common is false.
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    We are 195m guild and got matched up against a 230m guild. We were 50/50 they were 42/50. What i am saying is that they are a 230m guild and should battle 230m guilds regardless of how many sign up. Then u wouldn't see this sandbagging happening. Get your team to sign up or be penalized
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    Or look at it as rewarding the guilds that fully participate
  • Daishi
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    Or just change matchmaking to match on active (signed up) GP first and then to weigh in number of members signed up
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