Dark Side Territory Battle - Geonosis Qualification Requirements

We wanted to talk to you today about Dark Side Territory Battle - Geonosis and how a guild can qualify to play it. Before we dive into the specifics of qualifying, I want to lay out our thought process in order to provide context on why we have qualification requirements in the first place.

First, we decided early on in the development of Geonosis that we would be running Geonosis concurrently with Hoth. We weighed the pros and cons of running them back to back versus running them concurrently and ultimately decided that we didn’t want to ask guilds to engage in such a heavy coordination exercise in addition to the Territory War coordination. If we have Territory Battles every day you will end up overlapping with Territory Wars which could be exhausting (and we’ve talked a lot with our beta testers about how the game can already be demanding for veteran Guilds).

Second, Geonosis is intentionally much more difficult than Hoth. As the game ages and rosters become more developed, we want to continue to push the challenge of our end game content and give you the opportunity to use your best squads in a challenging PvE scenario. As such, Geonosis has a fairly steep difficulty curve heading into later phases and later encounters. We had concerns that if we generally let any guild go in and participate, and there’s no way to abandon a Territory Battle like a raid, that guilds could get stuck participating in an event for days that they are in no way able to do anything material. It’s important to note that Geonosis is shorter than Hoth. Hoth is a seven day event and Geonosis is a four day event. So the content is tougher and more demanding, but we’ve made it shorter to offset some of the intensity. Geonosis correspondingly also only has 33 stars due to its shortened length (each star being much more harder earned).

In short, a guild must have at least 80 million GP (number is largely final but we are still testing it, so subject to change if needed) across its members to participate in Geonosis. We believe that guilds at this level will be able to check out the map and obtain a couple of stars. While that is the minimum level of GP a guild needs, and we want guilds of different GP levels to participate, players at that level will find it very very challenging. In alignment with our goals to continue to provide more and more challenges, we expect guilds will be acquiring significantly fewer stars than they do on Hoth, and that number will rise as they plan and strategize. By giving a specific “you must be this tall” we hope that it cultivates the conversation within guilds to something more directed.

We’re going to have a follow up post on more information about the battle, and are eager to hear of questions that may arise based on everything we’ve said so far. Geonosis is intended to be an aspiration for guilds to band together, strive for the toughest content, and get the best rewards. This is already true of Hoth and the Sith Triumvirate more broadly, but we also wanted to see if we could help focus a guild towards what the end game looks like.


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