Variability in TW

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I'd like to see a little more variability in TW. Most board game combat sims have a fair amount of variety in geography as well as in the squads each team brings to a battle. We currently have squad variety, but no geography variety.

My suggestion is to keep the geography symmetrical between left and right sides, but change it up now and again to keep it interesting. Two examples of geography:

Overall Map
We currently have circles that are basically cut into top and bottom halves, but have a little overlap between then to allow some crossing, and always have fleets in the same places.

Imagine if one map were an hourglass shape. Now guilds would have to decide whether to try to defend with their strongest in the very front (even if there were 3 or 4 territories open to attack on the front line) or to put their strongest at the chokepoint to prevent an attack from getting to the back lines.

What if one map had fleets closer to the front, perhaps one in the top row and one in the bottom row?

What if one map had different numbers of squads allowed in different territories? Some territories would be smaller, some larger. Perhaps you put the strongest squads in the small territories to prevent losing those territory points, or perhaps you stock up really strong in some of the biggest territories to guarantee no one can get past.

What if one map required that you separate light side and dark side squads into different territories? This is getting a little further afield from the overall map idea and more into the terrain idea.

In many combat games, you have hills, trees, rivers, and so on that make you alter your plans. That's why you can go back and play the same game again and again. What probably would make the most sense here is giving benefits to certain types of squads in certain territories.

So a couple of territories could give a boost to dark side, a couple could give a boost to light side.

Some give a boost to rebels, some give a boost to empire. But it would be nice if the boosts weren't always related to factions, since faction-specific squads are already favored. Maybe a territory specifically gives a boost to a combined First Order + Empire squad (must have both, maybe must be 2/3?). And another to a combined Sith + Separatist squad. Another to a Droid + Trooper squad. And so on.

Maybe a territory gives a boost to squads with fewer members with shared factions (100% boost to 0 shared factions, 80% to 1, 60% to 2, etc).

One territory could give a boost to all attackers; another to all support; another to all leaders.

And what about territories that only hold 3v3 squads? Or 1v1?

I believe that even the small amount of variability in the Overall Map ideas would keep this game mode (and others that could take the same treatment) much more interesting and engaging for continuous play. The Overall Map ideas would probably not be terribly difficult to implement (???) though the Terrain ideas would probably be more difficult.
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