New Characters: Wat Tambor & Geonosian Brood Alpha

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Two new characters are coming to the holotables with launch of the Territory Battle on Geonosis! Similar to the Hoth map, shards for one of the characters will be earnable from Geonosis Territory Battle and the other will be needed to enter the special mission.

We will have more information to share on their kit and gameplay soon.

Wat Tambor:
The leader of the Techno Union, Wat Tambor, is joining the battle! This Separatist Council member will work well with other Separatists and Dark Side Droids by providing special Tech bonuses to his allies. As a non-combat support character (think Hermit Yoda), Wat Tambor can substantially heal and recover his squad’s protection and provides offensive utility.

Shards of Wat Tambor will be exclusively earned from the Geonosian Territory Battle.

Geonosian Brood Alpha:
A veteran of many fierce battles, the Geonosian Brood Alpha is a powerful leader for the Geonosian faction that can summon Geonosian Brutes into battle alongside him while providing some big boosts to his bug allies. The new Hive Mind buff from Geonosian Brood Alpha sustains the team through heavy burst damage by constantly equalizing Health and Protection among his allies.

The new Geonosian Brood Alpha will be needed to enter the special mission on the Geonosian Territory Battle to earn Wat Tambor shards.
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