how to prevent paploo from getting confused?

somehow either he doesn't taunt or it's getting removed right away, with no wicket this is killing me


  • I can't specifically help. Except to say 7* is achievable without Wicket. I did it.
  • TVF
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    Give him more time to work things out.
    I need a new message here.
  • Hortus
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    Add some tenacity with mods, dispel debuffs, pray for good random.
  • Hortus wrote: »
    Add some tenacity with mods...

    I ditched every single mod that didn't give me speed. Regardless of what it was. Speed, speed, speed.

  • VonZant
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    Yeah I tried tenacity, but Chewie applies tenacity down so it doesn't help. Just have to save elder and Paploo special to cleanse him. Also if you have Logray make sure he has his omega that give tenacity up buff and use Paploo special to call him to assist. Helps some.

    And its doable with Scout. Make sure you have full damage mods on him and some potency. He does not need a speed arrow. Go full offense.
  • Vendi1983
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    That Han Chewie combo hurts with the middle tenacity down.
  • I actually loaded up Paploo with defense and crit avoidance. Helped him keep alive long enough
  • Darthsm
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    Dmoney5101 wrote: »
    I actually loaded up Paploo with defense and crit avoidance. Helped him keep alive long enough

    That's how I did it. Put defensive mods on paploo, my best speed/prot on elder, and optimal (spd/cd/cc) sets on log/chirp/wicket.

    I don't see where all this +200spd on all the ewoks is necessary. Elder should be fast, but other than that you'll get enough turns to win. Its about mitigating the dmg until you can bring han/chewy down
  • Logray omega can guarantee tenacity up, if called to assist. That's another good point
    Do or don't there is no try
  • Vendi1983
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    Which is instantly wiped by Tenacity Down from Chewie's basic/assist. Gotta keep cleansing.
  • What it comes down to is if you are losing to that team because Paploo confuse then your woks just aren't there yet, gear wise.
  • Vendi1983
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    Mostly true. Don't bother modding for tenacity. More important stats to aim for: health or defence. He's your speedy tank.
  • I’ve got all G11, the right Ewoks and three zetas amongst the lot of them. Still can’t get 7* C3PO. It’s really beginning to irritate me especially when I’ve seen lesser teams est the event
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