Community vote: Should we play both Hoth and Geonosis at the same time?

At the recent transmission they said they will not have us play both Hoth and Geonosis at the same time, and that we need to choose one as a guild. I think this is a mistake that’s why I feel that we should vote to show them that we want to play both.

Community vote: Should we play both Hoth and Geonosis at the same time? 44 votes

75% 33 votes
25% 11 votes
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  • Foxer
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    It’s simple it’s a tier system, you get one or the other not both, this is end game content ment for guilds beating and more to the point aiming the full Hoth TB. The reason behind doing one then the other and not both is so guilds not completing Hoth can catch up....
  • Bulldog1205
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    From the perspective of many of us who have grown past Hoth battles, making us play both would be like making us do normal and heroic raids at the same time. There is no enjoyment there and it’s just a time wasting chore.
  • Pellaeon
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    For the health of guilds, absolutely should be able to play both.
  • We should play both because there is many of us that love to play new content and Hoth. So you should have a choose to play one or both. It should be up to the guild leaders.
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  • Thx Omeah I totally agree with you!
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  • wildfire
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    I think they should gate Genosis TB by requiring a guild to obtain all stars on the first 4 days of Hoth. Then when you join a Genosis TB which runs concurrently with Hoth the first 4 days of HOTH you gain all stars automatically and also gain rewards for all special missions = to the number of guild members. Then when Genosis is over after 4 days the remaining two days of Hoth get played normally.

    However if they do this they will probably remove most or all GET from the Genosis TB.
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