New Player Guide 2019 - aka why avoid Phoenix

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Hi guys, the other day I posted my view on the Farming Guid mid 2019... I'm tired of new guys starting with Phoenix all the time... I post the link if anyone is interested in improving their Spanish but I'll explain here the whole deal so we can discuss the strategy…

So, let's review the whole thing: My advice is to gor first for Galactic Republic Jedis and Nightsisters to ease the way towards Grand Master Yoda, Old Republic for Jedi Revan like Bastila and Jolee and aim for JKR as the goal for the level 85 or later…

We start our first nodes with Dooku and we keep going at him to kickstart our Separatists for Padme later in the game and synergize with our GR Jedis ;) ...So let's do nodes!

Light Side: 1-C: Dooku; 2-D,E,F: Mace Windu, Talia x2; 5-C,D: Anakin and Zaalbar. 8-B ( later in the game ) : Mother Talzin.
Dark Side: 1-C: Dooku; 4-B,C: Old Daka and Ahshoka Tano; 5-B,C,E: Bastila and Barris Offee; 6-D Jolee.
Cantina: 2-A Acolyte NS. Later Mission and T3M3 for Jedi Revan.

- Cantina: Daka and Ashoka.
- Squad Arena: Mace Windu and Asajj Ventress.
- Galactic War: Nightsister Initiate.

What do we end up with???
5 Jedis: Anakin, Mace Windu, Ahsoka Tano, Bastila and Barris to unlock GM Yoda. Then we keep moving towards Jolee, Mission and T3M3 and unlock Jedi Revan. Once we finish with that we can come back to the Phoenix squad and unlock their ships, also Thrawn and Chimaera. The end-game idea is to have JKR finished around level 85 and be able to take top spots in arena, while climbing with Jedis or NS instead of Phoenix squad.
ATTENTION: Anakin, Ahsoka, Mace Windu are pilots, so good investment there too!
5 Nightsisters: Mother Talzin and Zombie Will arrive later, but Talia, Initiate and even Acolyte can have their uses in raid, arena etc... so great faction to invest in.

End game reasons: JKR squad and NS squad can guarantee a top10 position in Triunvirate raid, finish the LS and DS holotable easy and also Will jump you right ahead in the meta!

This has caused controversy in our spanish chats coz people still defend Phoenix squad but I don't feel they are that relevant at the moment, not even Thrawn. So rush JKR and NS is the advice I'm giving…
What do you guys thinks? Let me know please!!! I want more opinions and update this as better as posible, I really think people with JKR early can maximize arena and HSTR rewards to get ahead, and for GAC you are rushing Padme squad, Separatist squad, JKR, OR and NS... I don't feel like the need for Phoenix in there… you can still farm them and you should, specially Kanan/Ezra coz they are Jedis, but still… GR Jedis and NS feel the way to go for me now….
May the force be with you !


  • Nothing was a bigger pain in the *** than having to go back and do Phoenix.

    Strongly disagree based on 3 previous accounts worth of trying to ignore Phoenix.
    (All were before JKR, just hate Phoenix so I went with Wiggs which I couldn't even finish off till well into the 60's)
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  • Phoenix is simply too useful to be abandoned completely as they unlock both Thrawn an Palp, the latter of which will probably remain one of the best leaders for at least another year, while the former is the Chiss Army Knife. Really versatile. Then later on the toons crew their ships, which are also quite useful.

    But I also agree on many points, such as starting Dooku and the separatists early, but mostly because of how good the separatists are now in general, Padme would be a bonus really.. However if I could start over, the first thing I'd start farming is the JKR toons. I never did those, so I'm still way behind, and I know if I did get them months ago I would score much higher in raids now, and have an easier time in GA. Not to mention Malak wouldn't be so bloody far off.
  • While I disagree with not doing Phoenix. I think there is a bit of good advice here.

    The LS/DS nodes for the JKR team are going to be VERY long farms.

    Basically you won't get them done before L85 is what I'm experiencing.

    For the record, I just dinged 80 today after 2 months of playing.

    My Phoenix Team is 7* (Not Sabine) and my best KoTOR character is Bastila at 5*.

    So while I would still start out Phoenix & open up Sabine early till you the KoTOR character nodes, I would agree that getting started on Revan group is something you should do as soon as those Nodes unlock.

    In my case, Bastila & GMY & Jolee will replace Ezra, Kanan, & Consular on my Jedi team after I unlock GMY at 7* (Currently only 6)

    Once the LS/DS node characters are up to 5-6* then you can unlock the 2 from Cantina Battles that go much faster.

    Also, Zaalbar is proving to be a good member of my Scoundrels for Credit Heists, he replaced CW-Chewie recently.

    Anyway, that is my 2cents as someone who is actively grinding the above paths, both of them sort of.
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    Anyway, that is my 2cents as someone who is actively grinding the above paths, both of them sort of.
    Hey man, thanks very much! this was really helpful. I'm about to start a new account to test different outcomes of my strategy. But yeah, mainly it's what you just said. I don't want to have Phoenix if I can have GR/OR Jedis to work towards and rush my JKR unlock coz he's game changing. and honestly I feel the same about NS. So good and for raid NS Will net you a lot of damage!

  • Raynia
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    What team would you be using for Galactic War? One good reason to start with Phoenix is to progress farther in GW. Also, you can't ignore ships. Getting first in fleet is a lot easier than in squad and doesn't require as much work. Tarkin and KRU should be a priority, along with Tie Fighter Pilot and other dark side ships to be able to do the Zeta ship challenge. The Geos are a good early investment too.
    The teams you want to farm for require a lot of zetas anyways. You're farming for 3 top tier squads at once (JKR, NS and Padme). You should pick one and focus the rest of your energy on ships.
  • Phoenix is GREAT in GalWar.

    But I know I'm glad I have 3 other teams that while not as geared are at least capable of doing something different than Phoenix because there are times the game throws you a team that is just not a good match for Phoenix & being able to sub in my Empire group for a bunch of AE's has kept me rolling in G.War more than once.

    That said, PHOENIX = ULTIMATE GRINDERS. They just keep on chugging & clear level after level :)

    I also agree that Tarkin + KRU + TFP are a MUST early on.
    I did those 3 but don't have the back up 3 ships to do the Zeta mats ATM because I also went Ghost/Phantom/Biggs/Consular.

    So I don't have 5 ships for either LS or DS and only the DS Capital is worth anything right now as I haven't worked up Ackbar or Home One much.

    If I could do it again I would not get Biggs right away & wouldn't bother with Consular's ship early on either.
    I would instead work on FO.TIE right off the bat & buy it 4x a day in Fleet & GW Stores if it was available with ITF. I might even devote some Fleet currency to FOTP himself to star him up faster too.

    That way as SOON as you can get the Vader & Boba ships up you have 5 ready for Executrix & the Zeta mats challenge which seems to be FAR more useful than having Home One ready for Chimera.

    Doing it that way you have time to unlock Wedge & get him & Biggs both up for a solid Duo, which I also didn't do & sort of regret now.

    I didn't bother with the GEO Soldier ship but if they rework GEOs as they are hinting at then that trio of ships might be the wave of the future for others, we'll see.

  • JoaK0 wrote: »
    Anyway, that is my 2cents as someone who is actively grinding the above paths, both of them sort of.
    Hey man, thanks very much! this was really helpful. I'm about to start a new account to test different outcomes of my strategy. But yeah, mainly it's what you just said. I don't want to have Phoenix if I can have GR/OR Jedis to work towards and rush my JKR unlock coz he's game changing. and honestly I feel the same about NS. So good and for raid NS Will net you a lot of damage!

    I wouldn't say its Phx OR Jedi's really.

    I'd say its Phx AND Jedi's. :)

    Kanan + Ezra + Old Ben (For Luke) + Consular (Free w/ Game) + Qui-Gon (Farmed after Chopper hit 5*) is how I unlocked GMY at 6*.

    Bastila was only 4* and Jolee at 3* when that happened because there nodes are just entirely too slow.

    Those 2 along w/ the "Free From Game", Vader, Tarkin, Palp, & Thrawn to go with Farmed TIE Pilot make up my top 3 teams.

    Scoundrels is 4th for Credit Heists & also uses a lot of Free or Multi Use characters with Boba, Lando, Chewie, Zaalbar, & ST.Han.

    I think NS Zombie is a potent concept character but NS early on seem super weak w/o a taunter.
    Since she unlocks late game I see NS as more of a L75+ farm team after the above 4 teams & the remaining 2 for CLS (Luke-FB & P.Leia)

  • The truth is that the Phoenix are like team to raids weak, and to weaker arena still. But will it help you to go after the beginning nightsisters? Do not.

    The Nightsisters that make the team work in fact are only harvested at node 8. Spending energy on the acolyte in the canteen is a waste, just like any and every character that can be obtained from the guild's store.

    The only accessible options for players who are starting out are the bounty hunters or First Order. Hunters should be the second team to be focused on the credit event issue and the first order only bears the BB8. All other teams are locked in some way by the high level required to unlock the tables.

    Bring the Emperor and the GAT, and then you choose your way.
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    My main account, I aggressively went after FO to start. I didn't understand the game fully, and I just have a thing for FO so it seemed the right thing to do. I got BB8 early doors but found he's useless without JTR. So I was late to the Phoenix farm.
    From my personal experience, it was that farm that transformed my game, Phoenix, love them or hate them just open so many doors in the early game, if I was to start again, I would 100% farm Phoenix, then heavily focus on BH and CLS. I would then prioritise JKRevan over JTR, so as good as FO are as a TW/TB team they would take a back seat on my farming priorities.

    I think you have to be careful, to my mind there are times to be farming legendaries and you've to be careful not run before you can walk
    Palp, Thrawn, Yoda and R2 are early game, all of which either require Phoenix or Phoenix play a major part in creating the path of least resistance.
    CLS, JKR and JTR are Mid game. Threepio, Padme, Drevan and Malak are late game. Chewie sits somewhere in between.

    Of course the above is merely my interpretation and is only one mans opinion but, from nearly two years playing that's how I see it. So, sorry OP, whilst I appreciate your sentiment and annoyance at the amount of Phoenix teams early on, they are a necessary evil.
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    Little update about this: I made a new account, jump in the shard as soon as I could ( no energy hoard ) and got around #9000 so around the half. I unlocked asajj, daka, talia, initiate and acolyte and left them at that. I run. Asajj, Daka, Talia, Acolyte and KRU in arena and I’m at #667 level 46 NS g5.
    Number #3 in my shard runs JKR requirements, so I do think this is the way to go.
    For ships a mix of Separatists/BH should do the trick for zeta mats.
    I’m focusing on Boba in Cantina store, IG in arena store and Cad Bane in GW store.
    Farming KRU in 3-F Cantina until I can farm t3m3.
    2 levels away from Bastila farm. Sorry Phoenix, I won’t start farming you...
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    This is interesting but may change again.....
    If Geos get a rework then I’d say they become a much higher priority:
    From a fleet perspective:
    Geo trio and Executrix will be the core of top 10 early Fleet
    Throw in BH ships and it’s a strong core of Darkside ships.
    Lightside: GRepublic Ships + Endurance I guess?
    Sun Fac and Spy are useful to get Padme which will synergise with your GR Jedi

    Might be fun and viable to swerve Phoenix and (heresy!) Revan.....
    Build GRepublic, Clone, BH and Separatist teams - which would give GG (or Brood Alpha or Nute?), Padme, Shaak ti*, Jango as your big 4. PLUS lots of ships.
    Then broaden to JTR and NSisters.

    *Once farmable.
  • I don’t really understand what to put up to 60 lv on the arena, while you get 3 Jedi from difficult battles and how to get them to 60 lv in general
  • JoaK0 wrote: »
    I'm tired of new guys starting with Phoenix all the time...

    Why do you care? Are you running a school for SWGOH players or something?

    I'll agree that going for Jedi Revan ASAP probably makes sense now, but only after you've gotten Phoenix done. They just unlock too much stuff to ignore, plus their ships are great.

  • Don’t think there are new players just old ones with multiple accounts in new arenas. They really don’t have a chance and any recommendations probably won’t hold true as a new meta will be released just as they finish old one that makes it useless lol.
  • Phoenix is really important! #thrawn #palpatine
    Member of "Austria Fleet"! First Order Player
  • I don't agree with going JKR before Phoenix. Someone else said it's a big bummer going back & gearing them later. Embarrassing as well. Nothing like seeing jack ripper promoted GG to g11, Hannibal lecter promoted Padmé to g10, & then jarjar promoted Chopper to g10. Additionally da ships are important and going to be even more so. GAC is going to include ships as well as new Capital ships and ship raid on the horizon.
  • For recruiting, I created a second account and went for Phoenix. It is soo easy, I can finish Gw so easily even they are gear lvl6.
    Ok, my plan to the account is different, but I realized what a pain I had with may main account.
    In my opinion, it might depend a bit from bronzium drops where to go next after phoenix at around lvl50-55, which ships you should use and which legendary to go first.
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