Grand Arena Championships – GP Divisions [MEGA]



  • I doubt they do anything for us since it seems to only be a few people, so here's to getting screwed by them again!
  • You have to actually enter the ga. Joining and seeing feats is not actually joining the ga.

    It's pretty dumb the way they have it set up. For example why would anyone NOT want to join week 2 or 3 especially after competing in week 1, it should automatically join you into matchmaking.

    At a minimum there should be a auto join ga setting somewhere.

    Currently you have to click on the enter button behind a join button behind the ga icon essentially hidden 3 screens deep and if you only go to ga screen and only hit join then stop you only did 2 of the 3 steps.
  • That's not true because i've hit the join and walked away before and still been entered into it. And I usually enter the GA anyway to see different things and it still kicked me out.
  • I did click on the join/enter button. I’ve played every single round of GA since it started. I’m pretty sure I know how this works. But thanks for taking the time to try to make me look like an ****. Have a good day!
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