Light side 4-L

I went in with Ima Gun Di ally (was even the best ally and i got lucky to get him lol) and still had 2/3 of my squad wiped out by the blitzkrieg of spammed grenades. I even landed Ima's defense buff before most of them and all my troops are five levels higher. Is this real life?


  • borrow an old Ben...u need to block them from using special skill. is tough but u should clear with an old Ben.
  • borrow an old Ben...u need to block them from using special skill. is tough but u should clear with an old Ben.

    Thanks. I will try but he has been very rare amongst allies :(
  • So I tried with both a good Old Ben and top notch (for my level) Barriss OPpee ally, and both times I finally survived the first wave...only to get annihilated by even MORE nades in the second wave. And I mean it was not even close to having a chance I could win the secone wave, having blown all important cooldowns to limp past the first. While I dont mind farming for shards/gear...I am now stuck seven levels above the enemy troops and fourteen levels above the top hard stage I have access to, with halfway decent star/gear levels. All five heroes need to be as tanky as Chewie and face tank literally twice their current defense to defeat this mission. What a joke. You might as well make the Windu Shattered challenge with a level 60 Windu unlocked to midlevel players. And afaik this troop type is not even available to use. /frustrated rant
  • This was a tough one, and what originally brought me to these forums. devs need to fix this quickly. I luckily found a old ben 1300 rated. I already have barriss. Along with consular. I saved Bens mind trick for wave 2. I was able to pop all my heals and get everyone to 80%+ hp for the start of round 2. Even still i got very lucky. Barriss and Consular almost died 1 turn away from their heals. But the stupid AI thankfully targeted someone else. I was really feeling hopeless as Round 3 started and most of my ragged team was around 40%. Luckily the scaling worked by round 3. Level 30 Boba Fett and his trash mobs couldent touch my level 37 characters. And it was a breeze. Like it SHOULD have been since round 1. But the AOE naids was hitting me for 500-800 each. Level 37 chewy tanking got dropped after taunting in 3-4 shots. So i didnt bother taunting anymore. Nobody can take that kind of glitched focus fire.

    So in short you need to borrow a strong 1000+ Old Ben. You need Barriss and Consular. And you need a lot of luck, hopefully nobody gets focused fired down and the damage is spread out enougj for your healers to let you make it past round 2.
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