This is how you stock up on internet forum likes!

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Hi all, I am Nihion2. You might not recognize me because of the red arm, but I am actually the same person as classic and hilarious forumgoer, @Nihion .

While @Nihion tackles the intense arguments and adamant complainers (Nihion always loses), I will be displaying some of my many fan created character kits around the forum. @Nihion has released some in the past, but I have many kits, and I figured I should have my own themed account for that sort of thing.

I have all kinds of kits to share (from a new Bomb Squad Trooper to old versions of in game characters like Revan and Shaak Ti), and I know that all of you will get sick of me and my blasted kits soon enough. Hint: They are NOT very good.

I will begin the onslaught soon, but for now, enjoy the absence of the dreaded @Nihion . He will return tomorrow to hoard the forum with angry debates.

Happy Forumgoing!

- Nihion2


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