Hero's journey replayable

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You did an amazing job with the Hero's Journey event!
I loved to play them.
Can you give us the ability to replay them with small rewards like Omegas or maybe one Zeta if we win everything?
Would love to see the story again!


  • Except that once you've beaten it once you can just do it again do it again. So theres no point for them to do that
  • The point in doing it again is that, as he stated, he enjoyed it.

    I agree with this kind of thing. I think CG is very short sighted. If people like some of the content, why take it away? Because we're supposed to get excited about GRAND ARENA CHAMPIONSHIPS? Wowee... I'm SO EXCITED.
  • I'd be down just to be able to replay it all for like 2 health mods, or like 50 credits. Like the mythic legendaries are cool. But I've yet to be as excited as I was unlocking CLS, RJT, both Revans etc.
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