Phoenix Squad Good Enough?

I was wondering if I could beat Thrawn Tier 7 with the following team:

Hera, Lvl 85, Gear 9
Ezra, Lvl 82, Gear 10
Sabine, Lvl 82, Gear 10
Kanan, Lvl 85, Gear 8 (About to be gear 9 if I add another stun gun)
Zeb, Lvl 82, Gear 8 (No Stun Guns)

All abilities omegaed except for Zeb's Honor Guard and no Zetas
Decent mods


  • You should be good. Might take several restarts to get the right RNG though.
  • Ok, thank you!
  • When you say decent mods, what do you mean? Have you been auto-assigning? If so, hammer speed mods for a couple of days, load Ezra up with the speed mods that you get and you should be fine.
  • By decent mods, I mean just random mk5 mods I had lying around. I think most of them have health bonuses.
  • it's doable with gear 8 on all- so you should be fine.

    By doable, it's a tough event at g8.

    At your gear, it should be a nice balance. Key is to debuff the stormtrooper with ezra, then hit one death trooper with choppers dispel. Then murder the death trooper with the buff still. (that buff makes them hit super hard)

    Once that death is down, kill the other death trooper.

    Then murder everyone else, saving thrawn till last.

    Murder thrawn.

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