Platoon Tools for Guild officers?

I am a guild officer and we are averaging about 31 LS and 34DS stars. Our GP is a little over 100m and i know we can definitely improve it. Is there any tools or spreadsheets(updated) that i can use to organize it. Thank you for your help and suggestions.


  • Does your guild use Discord? There are lots of bots you can get for your channel that help with that stuff. DSR bot can give a list of who in your guild owns what character (I think everyone has to be registered to Stuff like that
  • My guild recently started using Echo Base

    If your guild is on Discord, then it will determine who should platoon where and send everyone private messages telling them exactly what ships and characters they should platoon in each specific area. It is significantly easier than having players platoon wherever and then trying to find who has rare characters and where to put them.
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