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I'm a guild leader (not a starter guild). I have our sith raid set with no join period. But for the last 3 raids, despite the raid settings reading "Join Period: No join period selected", there is a 12 hour join period. Any one else having this problem or know what the deal is? (Sorry if there's already a discussion that I missed on this).


  • Kyno
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    Can you post some screen shots of the setting for the raid. It may help
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  • If auto launch is disabled, one of your officers must have manually launched it and included a join period.
  • Naraic
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    That setting only applies to autolaunch which you have turned off.

    Whoever launches the raid manually sets the join period.
  • No, I manually started the launch and triple checked that there was no join period selected. I know it was off because this is the third time it's happened and I thought I was going crazy. Unless the join period is listed somewhere other than raid settings.
  • @RebelLion the cause of the 12 hour timer would be on a different tier sith raid. Even though t6 says no time the timer requirement from a different tier will be applied. Had this happen in my guild.
  • Quasars, you are correct, that is what the issue turned out being. There was a delay set on a lower tier. Sorry for being slow on the update.
  • Kallath75
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    This happened to us last night too. My screenshots look exactly like that... HSTR launched with a 24-hour join period, even though we have none set. According to some posts i've seen, apparently this is due to our T6 having a 24-hour join set on it. This is definitely a bug, if I've got the settings I want selected, and some other set of settings is reflected once launched.

    @Kyno any word back from devs on this?
  • My guild also has this issue. Did you report to the devs?
  • Kyno
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    @Temperestre Please report this to <<Answers HQ>>
  • I'm only an officer in my guild so I'm not sure if the leader sees something different though.
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