Version Update - Initial Roll Out 6/17/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today, we are preparing to launch our next version update, containing Grand Arena Championships and the Geonosis Territory Battle! Later this week, you’ll get your first chance to take part in the Grand Arena Exhibition matches and start learning the ropes for the real Championships starting in sometime around August. We will also run a full length (5 week) Exhibition Championship on July 7th. Click here to read more about the Exhibition schedule and stay tuned to the Official Forums for more information on the upcoming Geonosis Territory Battle.

As per usual, our Version Update will begin rolling out to all players starting this afternoon, 6/17. Not much will be visible for the first 24 hours other than a handful of bug fixes (see below). After that, players will be required to update, if they haven't already, in order to access the final features and fixes for this update. We are planning to launch part 2 on 6/18 but it could shift to 6/19 depending on how the roll out goes.

Grand Arena Championships
(For the full post and teaser video, see here.)

Grand Arena Championships are a multi-week competition comprised of several Grand Arena events, and special limited-time challenges called Feats. For now, Championships will run for roughly 5 weeks – 4 Grand Arena matches and then a 1 week long review period at the end and a cooldown period before the next Championship begins. As players win GA matches, earn GA Banners, and complete Feats, they will earn Championship Score.

Earning enough Championship Score gets you promoted to the next League, where you’ll face tougher opponents and receive better rewards. Elite players will be promoted more frequently, and a very small number of players will reach Kyber League – the highest League with the best rewards and bragging rights. Leagues reset with each Championship, so you’ll have a chance to try again if you don't reach your goal!

(For the full post, see here.)

You are about to earn your first feat during the upcoming Exhibition matches! Exhibition Feats are limited-time Quests to complete during a Grand Arena Championship for bonus Championship Score and rewards. They are there to help all players gain Championship Score and rewards regardless of how competitive they are or how each Grand Arena event turns out for them.

The most important Feat is for League Promotion, where claiming a Feat for getting promoted will award you crystals as well as a steadily increasing pile of gear salvage. Most other Feats are associated with Grand Arena, Squad Arena, and Fleet Arena prowess.

GP Divisions and Leaderboards
(For the full post, see here.)

Divisions are GP brackets that correspond to rewards and Leaderboard status, so that every player can have the appropriate rewards and number of GA defenses to contend with, based on the size of their collection. Divisions are locked at the start of a Championship, but they do not lock your inventory or matchmaking. Divisions give elite players with smaller collections a greater chance at reaching the top Leagues and give all players a goal to reach for. Divisions will be periodically updated over time.

GAC is launching with four all-new Leaderboards. Two are pure global competition within Leagues and Divisions, and placing high enough in these leaderboards will earn you better rewards even within a League. The other two are friendly competition among Guilds and Allies.

Bug Fixes - 6/17
  • Fixed an exploit in Grand Arena & Territory Wars involving Saved Squads that bypassed locking inventories & mod loadouts.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Legendary characters to be assigned twice as an event unit in Tier 3 of their respective Mythic Events, causing the game to crash.
  • Fixed several specific instances in which battles became soft-locked and ability icons vanished when Darth Malak was in a team.
  • Fixed an issue that caused chat to overlap the Quests button on Cantina home.
  • Fixed some text overlap issues in the Select Squad screen on 4:3 devices.
  • Fixed several issues where buff/debuff icons get scattered outside of their characters/ships in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where some rewards would improperly become center aligned instead of left aligned.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to spam empty messages in chat by sending a sad emoji.
  • Fixed an issue in which shipment stores would be blank after the refresh time counts down to 0.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Back button on a Defeat screen to be positioned under the camera on Galaxy S10 devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the initial Store tutorial to be skippable.
  • Fixed an issue that caused dialogue in the Darth Revan event to be skipped when auto-battle was toggled on.
  • Fixed an issue with the Empire Training event that caused it to be unfinishable
  • Fixed an issue where Officer notes text were appearing too bright
  • Fixed an issue that caused Buff UI icons to get stuck at a larger size than they should be.
  • Fixed an issue where names were displayed with a different font and color in Pre-battle screen than when it's accessed for the first time after booting the application
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Mods list to flicker when you lock or unlock a Mod
  • Fixed an issue that caused Tier 1 of Darth Revan’s event to lose the ability to scroll text
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Protection bar to become white for the other characters when using the escape ability in a Rancor Raid
  • Fixed an issue that caused announcements regarding Guild Raids or Events to overlap with the quest button on devices in the 4:3 aspect ratio

Known Issues
(This section will be updated throughout the roll out.)
  • Several minor audio issues are known that will persist for the first 24 hours. After the forced update, they will be fixed.

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