Notification bug? Or am I just special?

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Hey all, just started playing a few days ago. Last couple of days I have had notification icons on my character list, (like what it shows when you have gear available to equip or abilities to upgrade) but when I click into the character list, I can't find what the notification could be for. No gear or abilities ready to go, not enough shards to summon a toon, I even have tried fully training all toons to see if that's what it is. But alas, the stupid little notification symbol is still there in my main cantina screen. Anyone know what the heck this is and how I can make it go away???


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    some of your character can be lvling, but you just cant upgrade them all.. so you will stay with it till they fix this
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    Only solution is to sell all your stuff.

    Wouldn't recommend that though. You probably need most of it.
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