Changes to General Grievous and MagnaGuard

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

When we released the General Grievous rework back in February there was a lot of feedback that the rework didn’t make him powerful enough, or at least as powerful as some people expected.

As you can probably imagine, although we weren’t able to talk about it at the time, we knew G13 was coming in the near-future and we wanted to ensure Grievous (and the Separatist Droids) didn’t become an utterly overwhelming force when G13 came into the game. Knowing at that time that we wanted to double-down on health being his scaling stat, we were conservative with the power we gave him at that time in anticipation of the power gains he’d get with the introduction of G13.

During our play testing leading up to the release of G13, we discovered that even after applying G13, we found that although we were satisfied with where General Grievous was landing, there was still some room to grow the Separatist Droid faction based on our intended targets.

So, we’re making the following changes to these characters (Changes highlighted in green/Removed text in red):

General Grievous
  • Grievous Wounds: Deal Physical damage to all enemies (based on Grievous' Max Health), inflict Target Lock for 2 turns, and remove 30% Turn Meter from them. This attack can no longer be evaded. This affects all ability tiers.
  • Daunting Presence: All enemies have -40% Critical Avoidance and -50% Defense. Whenever a Dark Side Droid ally is resisted, that Droid gains 10% Potency (stacking) for the rest of the encounter. Target Locked enemies can't counter attack. When a Target Locked enemy is damaged, each Droid and each Separatist ally gains 2% Turn Meter, doubled for Grievous. When damaged by an attack, Dark Side enemies lose 5% Turn Meter, and Light Side enemies lose 2% Potency (stacking).
IG-100 MagnaGuard
  • Relentless Assault: MagnaGuard has +70% counter chance and gains Taunt for 1 turn when it uses an ability during its turn. General Grievous and MagnaGuard gain 20% Tenacity and 20% Defense for each Target Locked enemy. All other Separatist Droid allies Stealth for 1 turn at the start of each encounter if General Grievous is an ally. The first time MagnaGuard reaches 1% Health, it takes 1 bonus turn and then is defeated. During this bonus turn, MagnaGuard has +100% Offense.
These changes will come to the holotables alongside the start of Separatist Might.
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