6* Thrawn with characters under level 85?

My phoenix team are all 7*, gear 7, with decent mod sets (90% potency on Zeb, 50% crit chance on Ezra, Kanan has 23k health etc)

But every time I make it to the final stage on the 6* battle, Fracture one shots someone, and it's downhill from there. The enemies are critting me for 12-13k, which takes me down in a few hits

Is there any realistic way to beat this and get 6* Thrawn? Do I need to wait until level 80+ so I can max out some unique/basic abilities? Or do I need to farm (spend) to get them g8? Unlikely to be done by the time the event ends



  • I get 6* Thrawn on level 72-74, but my phoenix squad is gear 8 all 7*
    I don't know if it's possible with gear 7, maybe if you're lucky you can do it
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