Grand Arena Championships Match Making

I just got my first opponent for GAC. He's one division higher than I am and has me by 220K GP. Is this what we should expect going forward with the new GAC match making? That's a pretty wide gap in my eyes.


  • ZAP
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    All 5 opponents in my GA are within 1000 GP of each other, but if you add ships there’s a 500k difference between highest and lowest.

    They are clearly using character GP only for matchmaking, so check just character GP and I bet you match your opponent.

    Also, all 6 of us are in the same division, are you sure your opponent is in a different division?
  • Screenshot?
  • I do see the disparity in ship GP. Just never easy going against some one that much higher in base GP.
  • ZAP
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    It’s just their ships that are higher, which doesn’t affect character only GA at all. You’ll be fine.

    And it looks like having opponents from other divisions is a thing.
  • Whooz
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    They ruined the matchmaking in my opinion. It should include the entirety of the player's relevant roster. I shouldn't be penalized for focusing and being top heavy. I went from never being lower than 2 - 4, usually getting 1st, to not being able to win a single match because I don't have DR/ Malak. Makes me sad. I used to love GA and was excited for this, but it's not fun having no chance. All they need to do is put DR and JKR on defense and it'll always take me at least 2 attempts to beat one of them, while my opponent gets a full clear.
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