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Anyone else getting matched with opponents from the division above yours? I'm Division 7, yet all but one of my opponent is Division 6, some with significantly more gp. I realize the matchmaking had been updated to not be strictly gp, but the GAC developer post about a week or so ago days that gp determines your division. Am I missing something here? This seems off. Anyone else having this issue?


  • Rath_Tarr
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    Divisions are determined by total GP (character + fleet).

    This GA is squad-only so it is matched by character GP.

    It can look a bit odd at first glance.
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    You really need to look at character GP and number of G12 and 11 combined. People tend to ignore G11 toons way too often.

    My current opponent has almost 200k less GP, but that difference is entirely from ships that are not being used. In a toon-only GA, it's a fair match up. I also have 2 more G12 toons and my opponent has 2 more G11s.

    The second part probably also has a factor of coincidence, but simply claiming that one's opponent has an advantage because they have X more G12 toons is an overstatement.
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    In what universe is this matchmaking fair? I have 0 chance of winning this. Here's a snapshot of his roster (specifically, how many G12 characters he has) vs mine (specifically how many I have). I'd leave our profiles below this but this guy doesn't have a profile. He has within 20k gp of me but 2.5x more G12 characters than me.


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  • The current character gp matchmaking is totally unfair. My first opponent has in their defense four squads that I cannot beat. I won't even come close to beating any of them. We may have similar character gp but clearly my opponent has far superior squads. This is punishing those of us that have built up many heros (many ftp since launch fall into this category) and rewarding new players that pay to chase the meta and have all the legendaries the first time they come out, etc. etc. Makes it frustrating to not have a chance to climb the rankings from the get go.
  • Also, would like to point out that my opponent has 34 G12 heros to me having only 25 G12. That makes a huge difference. Show me a squad of G11 that can beat a G12 jkr squad or padme squad or cls squad.
  • Rath_Tarr wrote: »
    Divisions are determined by total GP (character + fleet).

    This GA is squad-only so it is matched by character GP.

    It can look a bit odd at first glance.

    Thank you for clearing that up!

    ****, looks like some of you got it easy worse than me... Doesn't matter now that it's all cancelled anyway lol
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    They allegedly fixed the matchmaking algorithm. But in my bracket I had a guy who had neither DR nor Malak...and one who had both at 7* g12+.

    Just to be clear - I'm neither on the two. But if I was the guy with neither, I'd be posting screen shots on reddit faster than CG could say "Review Phase".

    Well done. As usual. And over the weekend. Also par for the course.

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  • I am very upset with the current match making, my opponent has 800K more than me.

    This is a game of resource management, and how you utilize those resources to advance in the game. I am sorry the person with 800K spent resources on Rose Tico, but do not punish me for it.

    By matching me with a player with 800K more GP than me, they make it harder for me to complete my Feats and in addition, I was under the impression that rewards were based on Division and Rank.... Do I get more points for defeating at player in a higher Division?
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    As ususal CG kidding the players. Should not be surprised when lot of players left game now...
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  • Yeah. I’m in div 8 and got paired with a guy in 7. He has 50% more character gp then me. I have more ship gp then average but that’s absurd. I’m at 1.25 mil and he’s about 1.5....
  • In light of the brilliant decision CG has made, I propose a similar change to arena. Take the top 50 players from every shard and merge them into the same shard. Then the next 50 into another shard and so on and so forth. That would be so much more fair to the guys suffering at 500+. Never mind that their own decisions are responsible for their current results.
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