GA(C) matchmaking is worse than ever

I thought you weren't going to punish us for investing in a deep roster anymore? This is worse than before. I'm facing people with 418, 349, 311 etc. guild raids while I have a mere 170 raids under my belt. Of course they have vastly better gear, thrice as many zetas, and characters like Traya that I haven't even unlocked yet. How is this remotely fair?

We've been over this. You need to add account age to the matchmaking equation. You're punishing your paying customers for having bought almost every character pack in the past. You're hurting the team players among us for gearing toons like Hoth Scout and developing TB squads like Rogue One or Imp Troopers. Exactly what you told us you were trying to prevent. If I had known this in advance, I would have pulled all mods off my g7-9 characters. But you assured us that this is no longer necessary, and now guild-minded collectors like myself are royally scrɘwed.

As much as I love collecting Star Wars characters like pokemons, but I simply can't afford to buy any future marquee toons if I'm only shooting myself in the foot. Nor can I afford to invest money in my geos, separatist droids, clones, GR Jedi etc. with an eye on the new TB that you dangled in front of us for months only to yank it away from your most important customer group, namely us newcomers with money to spare who aren't yet thoroughly bored and jaded and about to throw in the towel. Please do exactly what you promised to do and fix the matchmaking.


  • I am facing same problems. Ga championships' matchmaking is terrible. I am 1.85mil gp and my matchups are against five players withfive tier divisions, one player that is division 4 and one player with division 6 same like me. The player in the division 4 is 2.6 mil gp... I mean come on CG!
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    At least this thread has something new I guess.
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