Grand arena Rank reset?

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edited June 2019
Can we get a reset on our progress on the grand arena championships due to the fact that players couldn't attack and others could?


  • Kyno
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    not sure what will happen, but we will get an update on monday.

    They had already spoken about resetting the data after the exhibition.
  • zenn
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    Of course you have to reset all the progress including championship score - many of us just couldn't earn these points because you broke it!
  • OldSchoolKiwi
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    So ppl that were able to play and get first get rewards yet ppl that were affected by the glitch/bug gets minimum ?
    Or did yas leave out a comma and all lv 85 get rewards ?
    Guess the jokes on us yet again but for some reason im not laughing at my wasted time and effort .
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