Some players attack me in my payout in the fleet arena

In the spring I made my way to the top 10 in the fleet arena, there was a player with my pay time. He contacted me and said that I could occupy the top 2. It seemed to me not fair, I offered him to alternate the first place, but he refused. The head of the chat said that all the same anyway, sort it out yourself. After a while I was removed from the chat, and I fought for 1 place. In the summer it got sick and I changed the time of payments for an hour. At this time, no one gets paid. This went on for two months. And the other day, some players began to attack me five minutes before the payments. I asked the player with whom I spoke about the top 1, he said he did not know. Help to deal with this situation. P.S. I play in the arena for 1 hour (sometimes 2 hours) before the time of payment, I do not push anyone off from 1 place. Here are the nicknames of the players who attacked me Velvetgold, Jaywalker. I wrote one of them, but they don't answer me.


  • At which rank are the two guys normally when you got sniped?
  • They take 1st in their paytime, then they fall to 3-8 and attack me in my paytime... Last few days i attack some one before 7 min of my paytime and I don't know if they're trying to attack me or not.
  • It sounds like you are an enemy for all the people in the fleet shard chat, because you are not in the chat anymore. There are some shard chats where people are nice and there are some where you need to take the rank you can get or you are out of the chat, there are really not much you can do about it, if you change your payout the people in the shard chat will at 1 point find out what your payout is and star hitting you back because you are out of their chat.
  • A strategy you could try is take 5th 5 min before your payout, refresh and attack 1st
  • Take all 5 of your battles during the hour leading up, and try to use your last battle to get to 1st or keep first about 7 minutes before payout and let it go as long as you can. It is very difficult to win Han **** mirror matchups in 2 minutes or less
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