Capital Ship Animations

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We wanted to let the players know we will be making a small, but visually impactful changes to the way ship combat plays. Presently, all Capital Ship abilities have a small cinematic that plays when they are activated. When we originally made ships, our intent was to give the experience that when a Capital Ship took its turn, that was an important moment in combat to be noted and celebrated. However, as time went on and ship combat matured, the value of this cinematic experience may have diminished.

To reconcile how the game has evolved over time, we have removed all cinematics from Capital Ship abilities except for “Ultimate” abilities (Convergence, Imperial Assault, Strategic Dominance, and Master Plan). We believe this should speed up the overall combat experience, while also still giving visual weight to a Capital Ship using its ultimate ability. We hope that makes your pitched, space dogfights feel that much more pitched.

See you on the Holotables.
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