Fleet battles - locking-out lasts longer than 5 minutes

As I'm lately contending for the first place in the fleet arena I noticed rather worrying thing - when the opponent locks you out, you should not be able to attack him for 5 minutes. Right? That's how long the fleet battle is supposed to last.

With the help of a friend I've measured lockout times on sample of last 10 instances and I found interval between 5:10 and 6:00 minutes when you can't attack the opponent as he is battling someone else.

And believe me, those 50 seconds will cost you the 1st place in Falcon meta.

I thought it might be some kind of clever cheating (airplane mode, etc) but now I think it's more of a server sync problem. Anyone from the devs would care to comment?

(I plan to repeat the experiment on other devices as well)


  • Bigbearxba
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    I’ve seen the same thing. I think it might have to do with the game having issues “ending” the fight if the game is tabbed on your device as 5 minutes hits.
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