When exactly will Kylo Ren be farmable on Cantina 4-C?

Devs, please give us a specific time or at least a time estimate on when this change that you stated will be effective "today", will actually be effective. I'm sure many others, like myself, are stocking up on Cantina energy and it'd be helpful to know some kind of ball-park time. Thanks.


  • ****** Just saw a post from EA_Jesse in another thread stating that the change should be effective in around 4 hours from the time I'm posting this. Woo!
  • Great.

    Such bad timing for me, as I would be about full cantina energy by then and I have to use all my energy before then, or at least most of it.

    Why? Well that's when I leave the house to go watch SWtfa. But in hind set can't really complain.
  • You don't have to burn all of your energy man. Just do 1 or 2 battles.
  • Can't. long story. To make it short. The movie is the start of our last guys night out as I'm retiring from the army in 2 weeks.
  • congrats! That's more important than a silly game :)
  • Oh I agree and it is. Just have to wait a day to start farming his shards. Just funny how the time that it goes live for me, is the time I'm heading out.
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