Shards or gear priority?

Honestly I'm at a loss here. Should I concentrate on getting shards for the characters that I have or should I gear everyone as much as I can?


  • I would say gear then shards, gear is a bit easier to acquire and shards will come from shipments where you don't have to compete with gear for energy. The shards will come as you go, I have only logged in now for 13 days and I have two 4 star characters and about 5 other 3 star characters, all at gear level 4 which seems to keep them from drowning while I work up their shards.
  • Gear first, you Will reach a Wall by level anyway in your mid 40s so when u can gear more u can focus on Shard but u can still farm Shard for Jedi consular while
    Gearing and from arena and from cantina atleast that what ive Done gearing>Shard
  • Ops might been hard to read wrote on phone sorry
  • Gear can bring benefits that no other form of leveling or progression can in terms of stats. Try to max your gear. As they said above you will hit a wall at some point and you can shift your focus to shards until you level up again and unlock that piece of gear.
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    Sorry what I mean by gear is gearing everyone to the highest I can go. I have like 30 characters. My main pvp is geared but should I focus on finding shards for them or gearing the rest of my guys
  • Also i think u wont pass 4 L light side on your first try and on top of that you need level 43 to Continue. So then you have to stop and gear up anyway. If u Going for shArds only farm those you are gonna use so i would spam all cantina into chewie until u unlock Jedi consular then spam jedi. And do the normal enegry consular daily tokens until u get the cooldown. So dont farm Shard u wont use. As the clone one etc. Focus on ur main team spikes Will hit you in your 50s and you wont keep up with 10 diffrent heroes full gear and Sharding.. So thats what i would do and did and sitting comfy at rank 10-20 for gems to refill energy with since im f2p i dont waste them on Cards beacuse rngesus hate me.. ^^ hope
    This helped If not too bad.
  • If you mean how to spend your energy, then shards first, but only for 1 or 2 heroes. Daily press three times the nodes of your 2 chosen, and leave the rest of the energy for farming gear.
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    After dalies straight to gear.
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    I always sim on Dooku, Daka, Talia, JC, Five, BOba, chew, lumi shards on their mission battle that give out Shards. Those maps probably already cover most of the gears mats. Then make sure you completed your your daily quest , Arena, GW, Challenge.

    Refill 2times for Energy and 1 time from Cantina Energy(recommended)
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