Answers HQ is still bugged

How is it okay that people still can’t submit bugs? I just had a potential GA round losing bug that afaik has been known by the community for a while, but I couldn’t submit a report because Answers HQ’s submit button doesn’t work. My ability UI disappeared mid battle and I couldn’t continue. Does anyone know if anyone is trying to fix answers HQ? (@Kyno please don’t tell me to report all bugs to Answers HQ)


  • Nikoms565
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    Why did you tag him if you don't want him to shut down this thread? :D
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  • For irony’s sake alone.
  • Kyno
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    Great you want to go for irony, if you want some hell let me know.
  • YetiYeti
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    ea help forums is stuck in a loading loop for me... Didn't get my 1000 GAC pts for winnng my first round.
  • TVF
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    For irony’s sake alone.

    The bug site being bugged is already irony enough.
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  • Drazhar
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    Has it ever worked? Besides, that bug has been there for ages. You'll most likely keep that bug and lost GA on you and you will receive absolutely nothing for that.
  • yes, even i could never submit any bug report, i have always tried and failed. EA/CG please fix this, you need to hear more from us. We have a lot of bugs to tell you
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