Request to add a zeta mat to Mythic event rewards

I’d like the mythic version of the legendary events to award a zeta mat or two. For those of us that have completed the legendary events there’s nothing to get excited about when they come around again since we can’t participate in them anymore and the mythic tier rewards don’t really do much to help us improve our rosters. Toss a zeta into those mythic tier rewards CG so we actually look forward to them coming around


  • We’re already getting an increase in zetas from the challenges, so it’s not very likely that CG will make them even easier to get anytime soon. Maybe add more omegas instead, since that seems to be the real crunch for most players.
  • Speak for yourself, I have a surplus of Omegas and a zeta shortage which is only growing larger with the release of every new toon. On that note, the rewards for the Omega challenges are very weak as well.
  • I for one, am more on the "lacking Omegas" side. New characters eat a ton of Omegas for their abillities to be maxed.
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