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Is it too much to ask to make the AI on auto on Haat just a little smarter? (ie go for the topple instead of just blindly hitting center tank in P2)


  • Yes. Ask for something easier.
  • Jarvind
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    You're already soloing an entire raid with one team. Is it that much to ask for you to tap the screen a couple times?

  • Ruark_Icefire
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    The AI does go for the topple. You just need to unselect the tank when autoing.

    Edit: Or rather it does as long as the tank is above 50% health. Once it gets below 50% health the AI sees it as "almost dead" and focuses fire on it.
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  • Gair
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    I'll just wait for the next thread that complains it should be simmable.
  • Obi1_son
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    It SHOULD be simmable.
  • We should have the death star raid dimmable. What the freak is wrong with cg. I dont want to waste time on ships. Give me simmablr death star or we all riot
  • Realize that the AI that fights for you on Auto is always going to be 10 times DUMBER than the AI that fights against you.

    The AI cheats as it is, so just expect it and, especially in HAAT, play on manual when it really matters.
  • SCCH
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    Obi1_son wrote: »
    It SHOULD be simmable.

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