Grand Arena Championship - Known Issues

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Below are several known issues for Grand Arena Championships. We are continuing to monitor for any issues and make changes accordingly during this Exhibition round. We will be able to make more substantial changes once the Exhibition is compete. Please post over in the megathread if you run into any additional bugs or have feedback around the event.

  • Tie Breakers are not correctly calculating viable GP when determining a winner if banners are tied at the event of a Grand Arena round
  • Some players are missing Bronzium Feat from their list. This will be added and credited to all eligible players in a future update
  • A small number of players were credited twice for winning their Grand Arena and earned extra Championship Points. This was strictly due to a rare bug that caused and we have confirmed those players did not exploit the system. We will be removing the extra points later today and moving any players who no longer qualify for Bronzium back to their correct league

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