What is wrong with GA Championship rewards

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I'm so disappointed. GA used to have decent rewards. I hope the current rewards are reduced just because of exhibition.

In previous GA, I could get 3 zetas, some omegas and 35 pieces of G10-G11 gear. I'm now bronzium and if I win, I will get 1300 tokens + feats and round rewards, which will allow me to buy how much? 20-25 pieces of the same gear from the store. I also get only 2 zetas.

I can live with zeta reduction after update to ship ability mat challenge but reducing gear which is already hard to get is bad. I also don't like reduction of omegas because they will now become needed even more with more frequent zeta upgrades.

And then we have reward for promotion between leagues. When I first saw it, I was: "Wow, this is cool, we will get a complete piece of gear". Because that is what you expect when you see 1 piece of purple gear. When I got promoted, I was like: "What the hell did just happen? Did I really get 1 fragment of purple gear???" Yes, I did. I could not bother more.


  • Ladislav
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    Another month of GA with bad rewards?
  • Totally agree. Quite unhappy with the fact that I spend at least 1-2 hours per round on this game mode and that if by bad luck, bad RNG or just bad playing I end up with one Omega for a 1-2 record. It's a game mode that I will not continue to waste my time with if there isn't something that makes it worth my time. I understand that you want to reward wins, but if you don't give any incentives for people to participate, this game mode will dwindle away. Meanwhile, I can sim the AT-ST Endor Escalation and get Zetas but don't deserve at least 1 for 6-8 hours of my time in GAC. Sure, makes sense...
  • This was another bad programming. You win round 1 & 2, and you’re playing for first or 2nd in the last round. But wait that’s not how the game rewards out. You end up getting 4th place because you couldn’t get more points than those playing for 3rd and 4th place.
    I’m sorry but if you’re playing for 1st and lose then you should be getting placed 2nd in the final results.
  • TVF
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    2-4 get the same rewards so why does it matter?
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  • I think that they should give out the new guild currency for the higher tiered people. And I also think they should have like a price selection type thing. Where it give you 5 sets of gear or whatever and you get to choose which you want, so it’s better for your own toons
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