150m+ guild - looking for 2.5m+ GP new members

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A Guild of Gungans - looking for multiple people.

150m+ GP (avg. 3m) and we are looking to increase participation in all areas.


What we want from you?
- Participation in all areas of the game. Pull your weight and we'll be happy to have you :)
- 600 tickets (or close)
- 2.5m GP+ roster (Got less? DM me in discord and we can talk :smile:)
- Enthusiasm about the game, willingness to improve
- Discord + Swgoh.gg profile
What you get?
- HSTR on farm (and Heroic Rancor and Tank of course)
- GTB rewards - 14 stars+!
- Fun people to talk to!

Send a message to me at mihez#4261 on Discord.
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