I want to submit a ticket

And yet I can’t. Why?


  • Kyno
    24303 posts Moderator
    It states you " ...need to provide more information in the compose field"

    I would start there.
  • YourDudeness
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    edited July 2019
    There isn’t a box labeled “compose”. I’ve been as wordy as possible and still no luck. Is it an issue caused by using safari?

    Edit: it finally went through but I don’t know what changed between the time I posted this originally. Feel free to move/delete but I wonder if others have experienced the same thing
  • Kyno
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    Yes there are some common hangups with that site and getting the submit button (or the like) to appear(not greyed out). It is generally user error, involving a missed field, but there are some instances that have not been fully explained/examined.
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