Guild GP and 1st GEO TB star count?

I wanted to see the variety of guild GP and what your guild has accomplished this 1st GEO TB.

I am a part of a 140 million GP guild. We are on pace to get 17* this first go around. How about this final phase? Hahaha, so painful.


  • Kai_Mulai
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    17* is impressive! My guild is a couple million GP behind you, and we’re likely going to end up with 14* for the TB. I feel your pain with the last phase. Aside from ships, the combat missions are impossible!
  • UdalCuain
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    That's really good going from both the above guilds, congratulations! We're at 210m, currently on 21, on target for 24, maybe 25.
  • 108 million gp and we are going to end up 8*. We're pretty happy with that result. It will be 9* next time.
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  • hoodam
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    200 million gp and we got 23*.
  • Ikky2win
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    211m gp, 26 stars, but we can easily get 28 next time: We can pick up one star with the asajj/Dooku mission in phase 2 as we were close this time and we can pick up another star in p4 as we were only about 7m away.

    We have an open spot in guild if anyone is looking. 33 TW wins in a row as well.
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