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I'm so sick of the game freezing during pvp. I have lost rounds of GA/championship and get lesser squad and fleet arena rewards because of it. It also happens in tw and tb. I have written EA and their response only thanked me for my email. Offered no solution. It happens at least twice a day. Have tried reinstalling game with no luck. It is so frustrating. When it happens, i feel like quiting this game. I have written into bugs and have written other posts in other sections a while ago but get no solution. I'm getting desperate. Any body have a solution?


  • Nope, lost a GAC because of it today. EA just happily writes back that they reported it as a bug, and can't give recompensation. The only advice they give is to go to the forums, here I am.


    If it influences your game for weeks, then it's not a bug. If a bug happens during a combat, you should have the options to REDO it. The bug is that the game freezes...'s your programming that doesn't allow us to redo the combat.
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    You have an old phone. Not cgs fault.
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    I had a connection loss during GAC today as certainly felt like a handicap as it registered the battle, negated the team but never made it to open the battle. Dreaded Restart error message.

    Is there not a way in code to add a rule to recognise that if a battle starts but no damage results from player selected option then this is likely a false battle start or crash event?

    So all grey out options following would for that last team select is null and thus available to reselect?
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