Possible solutions to cheating issues in swgoh

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The problem with cheating in swgoh is that CG can't do much to 100% prevent it!

Because a lot of game content isn't running serverside, e.g. all battles, they have no control over it as long as the mobile user can alter their devices with custom roms and install hacked apk. This is, obviously, only a thing on Android, not on iOS afaik.

So these hacked apks let you e.g. win a battle with a Lvl 1 CUP alone vs. a complete DR+Malak team, with full protection and health left of course :wink:

Cheaters who use this are able to get the full 64 points for a win, regardless of your defense!

What could CG now do against these practics?

As i said there is no 100% protection, and some possible options aren't very healthy for this game (e.g. splitting Android- and iOS-user from each other so at least last ones get a cheating-free environment). But CG could take a bit of their money and try to implement technics to discover them more easily and without any reportings needed:
  • they need to log every single battle on their servers to supervise it if needed (not every move but starting and ending conditions and their predictions e.g.)
  • with the new GAC matchmaking a 64 points win is very unlikely so it should be checked every time it occurs

  • CG could spread out new (major) updates more often (the ones you have to download from Appstores) to shut down the hackers for a little while (they have to wait until a new hacked apk is avaliable)
  • this should be done especially when a GAC/TW attack phase is actually starting

  • CG could also change the structure of the game (very complex and expensive!) and let battles also run on the servers instead of the clients
  • this would prevent cheating by almost 100% but has some unwanted sideeffects to players with a bad internet connection (e.g. higher chance for time-outs in arena)

Actually it is too easy for Android users to cheat in the game, and most of the time nobody realises he got cheated so a lot of necessary reports aren't done. CG has to adress that issue very fast. Just setting GP requirements in PVE doesn't help us players in any PVP related area like arenas or the new GAC. Strange requirements aren't helpful here, so imho an automatic supervising system for ALL pvp battles is the only strategy i see actually that would be effective AND affordable, if developed well!

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I posted this text into another thread already but it doesn't appeared (i don't know why), but i guess it is even better positioned in a separate one.


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