Server Update: 07/03/2019

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s Server Update contains several fixes for the Grand Arena Championships. We will be rolling out the server update over the next several hours. Once complete, we will notify you in this thread.

  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused Grand Arena tiebreakers to not use matchmaking score. Tie breakers will now use matchmaking GP when determining the winner.
  • [EVENT] - Players can no longer gain extra score from winning rounds of Grand Arena in some circumstances. Note: The change in score will only be visible on the player profile initially. The global leaderboard will not update until that player scores in a future Grand Arena.
  • [EVENT] - Fixed an issue that caused the final Grand Arena round in a Championship season to show the time to the end of the season end instead of the Grand Arena review period

  • Lifetime Championship score is displayed as off by 1 on some game screens


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