Update on Grand Arena Championship Scoring

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

I wanted to call special attention to that in this morning's server release we believe we fixed the issue that was allowing a relatively small, but highly visible, number of players from earning extra score from winning rounds in Grand Arena and have prevented further cases in the future.

While you may notice that we've fixed some player's scores behind the scenes (and are continuing to make adjustments) on their Arena Status page, the Global Leaderboards won’t update until players score in the next Grand Arena. While this isn’t optimal from a cosmetic or informational perspective, it was important that we prioritized fixing the underlying issue first.

I especially want to reaffirm that we’re monitoring all aspects of player experience during this Exhibition Season. Integrity is the highest priority to us - especially matchmaking, cheat prevention and scoring - and we will continue to make adjustments and fix issues as needed to provide a fair and fun experience before moving out of Exhibition and into prime time.

Please also remember that we plan to reset scores at the end of the Exhibition season.

Thanks for the feedback so far and good luck in the next Championship Exhibition!

- Crumb
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