SWGOH Coffee Shop - Massive SWGoH Community Server on Discord

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Come join the best server in the galaxy... The SWGoH Coffee Shop.

Here you can chat with friendly people from all over the world in a positive environment; have tons of resources, tips and links provided to you; and be able to use several bots any time you want!

The SWGOH Coffee Shop is a MASSIVE, one-stop shopping, multi-faction server with tons of social areas for you to chat, have fun, and maybe learn a thing or two. 😉 Not to mention all the memes! (Trust me. They’re hilarious! 😂 )

Come check us out today and see for yourself! Also feel free to invite your guild mates and friends! C’mon... let’s rule the galaxy together... 😉


See ya soon and MTFBWY! 😃
Massive SWGOH Community On Discord - https://discord.gg/QWvTUBZ


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