#1 West Coast Pacific Guild | Asylum | 267m GP | #9 In TW | 30 DS GEO | 44 WAT | 14 LS GEO | 7 KAM

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PST/EST based guild Competitive in TW & TB.

We value the player over their roster, participation, communication and game knowledge go a long way with us.

Looking for a member to join our exclusive ranks. We're a TW Focused competitive guild that's been on the forefront of progression since inception. We're an independent guild with a strong and active community of like-minded individuals. We are very hands on with our members and try to guide them to success as best we can; whether it be GAC, TB and of course TW.

We like to run as a 50 man cohesive TEAM, Rather then 50 individuals. We have mod templates, all kinds of graphics, videos, counters, monthly focuses etc. Were a very analytical type of guild.
  • LSGEO 14 :star: Planned for 15-17 Next time.
  • 7 KAM Shards.
  • DSGEO 30 :star: Achieving this at 224m GP. 31 :star: Next DSGEO.
  • 44+ Wat Shards.
  • 58-12 TW record
  • Max LSTB / DSTB

Raid Times:
HAAT - 8:00pm PST / 11:00pm EST
HSR - 9:00PM PST / 12:00am EST

No rotation, just time zones for those Night owl EST folk. We also have Merc services.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me and I will respond as soon as I can. Join our discord server and mention your interest!

Discord: https://discord.gg/5UfyCyc

You can also message through discord: Opii#9142

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