Guild Movement


This morning I accidentally clicked "Join guild" instead of "Advanced search". This effectively locked me out of my home guild for TW. As the officer in charge of TW, this is pretty frustrating. Moving guilds the day before TW does carry with it some risk, however, the dev team is well aware that players move between guilds in between guild events with regularity -- especially at the top end of the game.

I'm not terribly upset about restricting guild movement to some degree, but the penalty for a simple "misclick" is pretty out sized.

The UI of the guild screen is such that clicking "Join a guild" is right next to "advanced search". In this case, my finger hit the wrong button and I joined a guild with one-touch. Again, this UI experience is fine if there's no penalty for joining the wrong guild. But there is! And there is no in-game warning or notice, or really any warning or notice, that there's a penalty for joining the wrong guild.

I would ask you to consider lifting the restriction on my account so I can play TW and consider adding a confirmation after "Join a Guild" to prevent future occurrences like this. This reminds me quite a bit of the "accidental zeta" incidents before that confirmation button was added.

Thanks for your consideration.
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