SWGOH HWK-290 "The Moldy Crow" kit reveal (fan made)

Video version: https://youtu.be/XuZa7fr8J2k


UNIT NAME: The Moldy Crow


CATEGORIES: Light Side, Rebel, Scoundrel, Cargo Ship, Attacker

CREW: Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors

Versatile Attacker that is harder to kill while alone and changes bonuses based on the number of allies it has


BASIC: Corellian Cannons


FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical Damage to target enemy and gain 15% Turn Meter. If the Moldy Crow is Stealthed, inflict Target Lock for 2 turns. If the target enemy is already Target Locked, then this attack ignores Armor.

Special 1: Get In and Get Out (Cooldown 3)


FINAL TEXT: Dispel all debuffs on the Moldy Crow and gain Stealth for 2 turns. While Stealthed, all Scoundrel and Cargo Ship allies heal for 5% of their Max health and Protection every time the Moldy Crow takes a turn.

Special 2: Too Easy! (Cooldown 4)


FINAL TEXT: Inflict Daze and Buff Immunity on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded or Resisted, and reduce target enemy's Turn Meter to 0. If the Moldy Crow was Stealthed, then also Stun target enemy.

Unique: Ready for Anything


FINAL TEXT: The Moldy Crow has +80% Speed, Tenacity, Defense, and +40% Evasion. For every ally ship on the field, loose -20% Speed, Tenacity, Defense and -10% Evasion and gain +10% Offense, Critical Damage, and Accuracy. Scoundrel and Cargo Ship allies gain half the bonus Offense, Critical Damage, and Accuracy. Whenever the Moldy Crow suffers a Critical hit, it gains 30% Turn Meter and has it's cooldowns reduced by 1.

Reinforcement: Secret Mission


FINAL TEXT: Enter Battle: The Moldy Crow gains Stealth and Evasion Up for 2 turns, then grant all allies Speed Up for 2 turns. Additionally, Rebel allies gain Advantage for 2 turns, Cargo Ship allies gain Foresight for 2 turns, and Scoundrel and allies gain Retribution for 2 turns.
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