Need some advice about starting sith heroic for the first time

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Our guild is going to attempt the raid once the revan event opens up this week. We were thinking of starting it either friday or Saturday so we can monitor it better and so our guild has better chances to attack.



  • Iy4oy4s
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    Check out planet coruscant (HSTR project) on discord. Lots of info there.
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    Def will. Thanks!
  • YaeVizsla
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    Hard to give any meaningful thoughts without knowing your plan or resources or a link.

    Most notable difference that could wreck your damage output is that anyone who uses Chex or similar will have to remod because the speed wickets are different.
    Still not a he.
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    We have a gameplan down (when/how to use jtr squads, jkr, ns, etc...) but we just want to make sure we start the raid at a good time to not only be able to have more officers monitor it but to give more people more time to attack and to attack correctly, especially since this would be our first go at it.

    But I looked at a few more resources and think we have it figured out to where our guild will be active the most
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