So far behind That I can NEVER get to top 1000

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My arena shard is about 7 months old. I started playing in early January but did not start playing daily until mid January. I lost about 2 weeks of squad arena. In that time I lost, It had became impossible to get to the top 1000. With the way Arena is made, High players stay high and low players stay low. I don't make enough crystals from arena so i can't ever make it to the top 1000. I am Stuck in a Arena Shard that I cant grow in due to me losing 2 weeks of progress early on.

What do I do

Arena is Very boring because I can't compete


  • Liath
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    2 weeks isn’t that much, just keep at it and you’ll get there eventually.
  • I did not start gearing Phoenix Until about 2 months after starting
  • I only make 40 crystals a day from arena
  • It is impossible to compete with people that already have so much crystal income
  • There is other People in different shards that are only level 76 and are in the top 20.
  • Liath
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    You don’t have to compete against those people right now. Eventually you can catch up to them if you play smart going forward. The advantage they have is no different than what people might get from heavy spending early on - it’s possible to catch up to that too, but it takes some time.

    The alternative is to start over with a new account.
  • Is it possible to get into a arena that has people that are my GP level?
  • Liath
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    It is not possible to change arenas except by starting a new account.
  • I don't want to restart because I will lose the Chewie Portrait and Loyal Friend Title
  • Philan81
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    You can definitely catch up in time. In Jan 2016 shard, didnt really focus on arena until last year - was usually 500-1000 with no hope of getting higher. Since then pretty much been top 50 with a few different teams, still top 50 without dr as well - sometimes top 20. I have hit #1 spot on a few occassions even as recent as the last month. This is F2P account as well, so I didnt spend to get better in arena like some might.
  • I am stuck in the top 2000
  • People in the top 100 have Darth Revan and Gear 13
  • TVF
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    You aren't going to get there this meta. You're right.

    Manage your resources, make smart choices, get a little lucky, and you can get there next time. Or the time after that.

    I played for 6 months at least without even realizing arena mattered enough to try and do anything about it.
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  • ok
  • Jarvind
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    You'll be fine if you make a plan and stick to it. Unless you luck out and get placed into a brand new shard (and it sounds like you didn't, if there are Malaks in there), you're not going to be able to shoot for good placement for a good long time.

    I started in 2015 but I took a long break, so when I came back I wasn't much better off than someone starting fresh. Worse off actually, depending on how obsessive you want to be about arena placement - I'd missed over a year of mod farming, which is a gap I have yet to truly close despite farming and slicing mods nonstop since April 2018.

    What I did was focus on building teams for all of the events: Fleet Mastery, Assault Battles, etc. You don't need mega-geared characters to do the first couple tiers of any assault battle, and this gives you a broad base of characters to use when you're ready to start really focusing and building some strong teams. The idea was to allocate my resources in a way that they would return additional resources: mostly shards, but also some credits, mods, gear and ability materials.

    I still can't quite reach #1 squad because of the randomness of speed mod farming, but I get top 20 most days and I get #1 in fleet, which still gives me a solid amount of crystals coming in.

    Make a plan. Stick to it. You'll be fine.

  • Nikoms565
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    What everyone has told you to this point in the thread is absolutely correct - a few weeks (or even a month or so) is not a big deal if you are in for the long haul. My eldest son played a while back - took a month or so off during finals, etc. came back, built up his roster and was able to place top 10-20 in arena and top 50 in fleet when he had time to be on around the payout times.

    Just stay the course, save up resources when possible, spend them intelligently (check to forums and reddit for clues, suggestions, tips, etc.). Also, ask people in your guild.
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  • Ladislav
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    Or simply don’t consider arena placement as your main goal. I never made it to top 200. Most of the time I spent in top 1000. There are much more players like me and you than those who make it to top 50.

    Even without getting to top ranks in squad arena where you are also competing against people spending a lot of money to build their teams, you can do well in other areas of the game.

    What about fleet arena? In young shard getting Hounds Tooth, Tie Advanced, Tie Silencer, Biggs’s X-Wing and Slave can set you for a good rank. I made most of my crystals from fleet arena.

    Even if fleet arena does not work for you either, it still where most of players are. I’m in the guild full of players who barely make it to top 1000 in squad arena and top 100 in fleet arena and it is not slowing us down.
  • Waqui
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    It is impossible to compete with people that already have so much crystal income

    Only the top ranking members of your shard have a significantly higher crystal income than you. Those at rank 50 - 1k only have slightly higher crystal income. If you can't climb it's not because of crystals.
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