New content vs Quality of Life

Hi guys,

couple of suggestion to bring to the game to give us more time to spend with families while remaining competitive.

In Hoth TBs we needed to pay attention in P6. In Geos, we have to pay attention starting P1 and also the fights take much longer. Atop of that you have two arenas, grand arenas, territory wars and haat and sith raids. And repetitive events.

1. HAAT simming - in our guild there is 5 people playing, another 10 puts there a team to do some damage to avoid last position and the rest don't care. I care only about tokens as the gear drops are a joke to me (no offense, 3.8M GP).
2. Event simming that I played and won tens/hundreds of times, it's some very old content (places of power for one) and we do it only for shards. If you bring mythic, let us play that and autosim the rest. Same for galactic bounties, especialyl when the char awarded is at 7* - again, shards only.
3. Mod macros - basically group mods replacing, e.g. set a schema for raid and apply it, or at least mod swaps between multiple chars. Mod management still takes quite some time.

And for officers:
1. TB review phase, especially now with new TB content, plus succ/unsucc attempts by a player in CM/SM
2. More detailed TW stats like failed attempts, or even a battle log of which team went against what team. I'm pretty sure you have that in your DB, just provide the UI. E.g. our big issue is identifying people that don't focus while attacking and ruin the fun for the others

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