Weekly delivery and stores in general

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Dear CG/EA,

the game becomes more and more disappointing. You installed new features like the weekly delivery and in the first couple of weeks there were some intersting items to buy with creds or token. Now, maybe cause of all the new stuff, there is only crap in it and all the interesting stuff is only available for crystals. And instead of making the implemented stores more interesting and switch content or making some USEFUL gear/shards available ther, you created new stores with new token..
All to raise the paywall.. I m willing to pay an amount for gaming, and did it in the past. But I m not willing to spent hundreds of dollars every month. I know there are lot of whales, who are fool enough to do it, and I guess there are many gambling addicted people, whom this game lead into bankrupt.
But most of player spend only a normal amount of money . And you will loose those playerbase , when raising the paywall higher and higher, like you did last weeks.
I think about leaving the game more and more..And I hear it from hundreds of players and see lot of them leaving, cause I am an a lot of discord servers , with many thousands of players..
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