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So I've been furiously working on my Ewoks since about a week before C3PO last dropped. Outside of a complete debacle in the Guild store I should have the ideal lineup all 7* in time for the next.

My question is how much gear should I dump into them? Currently sitting at:

Elder- G12, 6x health, 3x health primaries (Circle, cross and triangle), +93 speed.
Wicket - G10+0, CD/CC, +77 speed, offense cross.
Chirpa - G9+2, CD/CC, +63 speed, offense cross.
Logray - G9+2, Speed/Potency, +82 speed, potency cross.
Paploo - G9+3, Speed/Defence, 3x protection primaries, +76 speed, already at 30k+ protection at G9.

My goal was minimum G10 and Zeta on Chirpa lead. Thoughts?


  • zChirpa G10+1
    Wicket G10+1, 2,800 offense
    Paploo G11+0, 55,000 protection
    Logray G11+0, 90% potency
    Elder G12+0, 33,000 health

    Mods all the same, slicing occasionally when I have spare material.

    Thoughts? Have almost enough omegas beyond my C3PO stash for another zeta. Debating either Wicket or Paploo.
  • CCyrilS
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    I did it with almost the same, in fact only g9 chirpa and g12 scout instead of paploo. Wicket was g11. Zeta on logray helps, but might want to give it a try without and save it if you can.

    You definitely have the best toons for the job. It's a really hard event, but doable with what you have.
  • So my plan is to run it with my Ewoks as-is. I've been slicing and improved the speed on Paploo and Logray by a touch, about +5-10 each. I'm not going to use Zetas & omegas unless Tier 7 causes grief. I'll hold onto at least 1 spare beyond the need to max 3PO.
  • Worked like a charm, second attempt at Tier 7 (in which they didn't focus down Elder before I got a turn)

  • How in the heck are you all getting this done?
    zChirpa - GL 11 - 181 speed
    Paploo - GL 11 - 179 speed
    Elder - GL11 - 184 speed
    Scout - GL 11 - 228 speed
    Logray - GL 10 - 197 Speed

    I'm getting absolutely rocked. Do i need faster mods? I've been targeting Chewwie first. Reset if he gets stealthed.

    I'm on try # 137.

  • What's your potency on Logray? And not having Wicket means you can't keep Elder stealthed. It's doable, but much harder.
  • ZAP wrote: »
    Elder G12 will help especially without wicket tl stealth him
    Just need like 10 stun guns for him to G12. I lose 1-2 in the opening salvo usually. So far, out of 131 attempts, chewie hasn't stealthed about 14 times.
  • I have a similar team to what you have and it was only after I upped the speed on Elder and Paploo (233 and 211) that I was able to beat it. You need as many chances to revive and to use Paploo's taunt/buff removal on his basic to stand any chance at making it passed Chewie, Han and that annoying commando. You'll also need good RNG where they don't focus attacks on Elder. With him being out in the open for the whole match it makes things kinda difficult and they really do love to target him. Up your speed and pray to RNGesus.
  • Vendi1983
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    Proper mods on Paploo help. +Protection circle, triangle, and cross. Not necessarily health sets but that helps. Whatever gives best speed with those primaries. @ G11 you should have Paploo over 45k protection. If not, move your mods. Also you want Logray north of 70% potency if possible. AoE daze is massively helpful.

    EDIT I checked your mods and that is about 50% of the problem. Speeds are OK, not great, but the sets and primaries are not ideal.
  • I got trounced until I switched mods. Switched mods and got lucky with an un-stealthed Chewy first or second time. Also got a lucky resurrect on an Elder dispel helped. zG10 Chirpa, everyone else was G11. Potency and speed on Logray, speed on everyone else, most importantly Elder, protection primaries where you can. Good Luck!
  • Thanks for the info!!!! I'll do that, going to get Elder to G12 so I can put on my arena mods.

    Here's my lineup and mods link:
  • So dropped a Zeta on Paploo
    Got Elder to GL 12 +1

    Doing even worse. On try #211

    This event sucks.
  • Vendi1983
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    Did you adjust your mods on Paploo like above? And your Logray? My G11 Paploo had 53k protection. Logray has 92% potency. Paploo's zeta works best when he has more to start with.

    Also, find a +offense cross for Scout with similar secondary speed. Needs to hit harder.
  • Elder and Scout look good. The other three need more speed without sacrificing too much protection for Paploo (I had less) and potency for Logray (I think I was running in the 80s). I was running Paploo at around 210, Chirpa and Logray were north of 220.
  • Thanks Vendi!!! I took your advice and another 7 tries later got C3PO at 7*.

    ZChirpa - G11 - 181 speed
    Z Paploo - G11 - 193 speed. 33k health 54k prot
    Elder - G12 - 239 speed
    Scout - G11- 228 speed. 216% CD , 60% CC 2668 Dam
    Logray -G10 - 204 speed - 74.5% potency

  • How fast can you get Chirpa and Logray?
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