Initial Prep Check

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So I've been furiously working on my Ewoks since about a week before C3PO last dropped. Outside of a complete debacle in the Guild store I should have the ideal lineup all 7* in time for the next.

My question is how much gear should I dump into them? Currently sitting at:

Elder- G12, 6x health, 3x health primaries (Circle, cross and triangle), +93 speed.
Wicket - G10+0, CD/CC, +77 speed, offense cross.
Chirpa - G9+2, CD/CC, +63 speed, offense cross.
Logray - G9+2, Speed/Potency, +82 speed, potency cross.
Paploo - G9+3, Speed/Defence, 3x protection primaries, +76 speed, already at 30k+ protection at G9.

My goal was minimum G10 and Zeta on Chirpa lead. Thoughts?


  • zChirpa G10+1
    Wicket G10+1, 2,800 offense
    Paploo G11+0, 55,000 protection
    Logray G11+0, 90% potency
    Elder G12+0, 33,000 health

    Mods all the same, slicing occasionally when I have spare material.

    Thoughts? Have almost enough omegas beyond my C3PO stash for another zeta. Debating either Wicket or Paploo.
  • CCyrilS
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    I did it with almost the same, in fact only g9 chirpa and g12 scout instead of paploo. Wicket was g11. Zeta on logray helps, but might want to give it a try without and save it if you can.

    You definitely have the best toons for the job. It's a really hard event, but doable with what you have.
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