Event Schedules

Instead of having calendars released each month, why not just have all events listed in game and have count downs for every event. Everything can be set according to event type(I.e. Galactic Bounty, assault battles 30 days) legendary 90days. That gets ride of the non stop nonsense of when posts.


  • TVF
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    But the Devs enjoy the nonsense. Gives them something to laugh about on lunch break.
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  • If an event is listed we treat it as gospel and carved in stone. If they committed to a 6 month schedule it would undoubtedly come back to bite them. There have probably been many, many changes we will never know about because it had not been made public yet.
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  • I don’t think they have made any changes to the Omega battles, Assault Battles, Bounty events or smuggler events. It’s not rocket science to every seven days or every 30 days timers on these events. Calendar posts are just so lame.
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