Scruffiest Nerf Herders, 144M GP. Looking for 1 more member! We're rocking HSith and Geo TB!

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Guild: Scruffiest Nerf Herders


Guild Power: 144M
Guild Members: 49/50

We are looking for active players who have nice rosters with a minimum of 2M GP. We have a fun time in this guild. If real-life stuff comes up, we understand, but we are very active and expect each member to contribute.

Recruiter: Zhangster
Guild Reset Time: 6:30 PM CST, 11:30 PM UTC

Heroic Rancor, once every 2-3 days
Heroic AAT, once every 3-4 days
Heroic Sith Raid, once every 4-5 days

Territory Battles:
Light Side: 37 Stars
Dark Side: 40 Stars

Dark Side: 12 Stars

My personal Info: (Contact me if you have further questions.)
My Ally Code: 814-177-546
Discord Name: Admiral Thrawn#3384

If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in.
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